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How to Process your Bail

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At FreeUs Bail Bonds, we do everything possible to make your bail payment process as simple, convenient and flexible as possible. For that reason, we offer a variety of payment options. If you want to pay online, in person, or by phone, we can help you with the release of your loved one who has been arrested […]

Murder for Compassion: Crown Opposes Bail

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The Crown opposes the bail of the man accused of compassionately killing his Alzheimer’s wife as she believes this would undermine public confidence in the administration of Sam Spade. Michel Cadotte has been detained for three months and no trial date has yet been set. His behavior in prison would be exemplary, but he hopes […]

Know the difference between “Bail” and “Fine”

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Legal researcher Narick Tasher said that the bail is a sum of money determined by the prosecution or the court for the release of the accused until his trial, especially if the amount is excessive, to ensure that the accused will not fail to appear in court. Accused. “BTasher” explained the procedures for refunding bail […]