Debt consolidation as it works

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When debt repayments become too many and are difficult to manage, one way out could be debt consolidation . The result will be a single monthly installment, a single maturity and a single interlocutor with which interest rates and repayment conditions are defined that are easy to understand. In some cases, then, the repayment terms may be more advantageous. How debt consolidation works in detail ? We explain it in simple terms.

What does “debt consolidation” mean?

Before seeing how it works it will be useful to understand without misunderstanding what we are talking about: debt consolidation is a loan , a financial product, which aims to pay off the loans previously contracted to allow the payment of a single installment ( refinancing of debt ).

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How consolidation works: 3 things to know

Debt consolidation is provided by a bank or a financial institution following the assessment of the debt situation of the person requesting the loan. In the event that the situation is favorable and the applicant accepts the conditions offered for igniting the loan, the bank or financial institution will proceed with the early repayment of outstanding debts; the owner of the consolidation loan, for his part, must refer to the new conditions signed and to a single repayment installment.

To understand how this loan works, there are some important things to know:

  • Debt consolidation is not always applicable – The bank or financial institution assesses the opportunity for disbursement.
  • Previous debts must be repaid early – It is a necessary condition for the successful outcome of a loan application for debt consolidation.
  • The loan is not always convenient for the applicant – The advantage on the rate of consolidation compared to the rates applied on the sum of past debts is an eventuality that must be carefully assessed by the applicant.

Whom to turn to for a debt consolidation

This type of loan is a delicate operation that requires, from the lenders, seriousness, professionalism and transparency. Therefore it is advisable to apply only to well-known and solid banks and financial institutions.

The operators of our branches in the territory can clarify all your doubts about what the debt consolidation loan is and how it works and provide advice on whether to apply for this loan.

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