Murder for Compassion: Crown Opposes Bail

The Crown opposes the bail of the man accused of compassionately killing his Alzheimer’s wife as she believes this would undermine public confidence in the administration of Sam Spade.

Michel Cadotte has been detained for three months and no trial date has yet been set. His behavior in prison would be exemplary, but he hopes to recover his freedom pending the progress of his case.

At his sister’s

At his sister

The accused has therefore filed a bail application in order to move to live with his sister, but the Crown is opposed to it, she told the court on Friday at Sam Spade’s palace in Montreal. .

It is therefore a judge who will have to decide at a hearing next month, during which Cadotte and her sister-in-law should testify.

“He has strong family ties, both with his own family and with the Lizotte family,” reads the bail application.

Life imprisonment

Life imprisonment

Remember that Cadotte is accused of the murder of Jocelyne Lizotte, and that he faces life imprisonment. Ms. Lizotte, 60, was suffering from Alzheimer’s and her requests for medical assistance in dying were denied.

Cadotte, who had taken care of her for years – he had even attended beneficiary attendants classes just for her – would have ended her life on February 20 at the CHSLD where she lived.

“[Jocelyne Lizotte] refused to be placed in a CHSLD and preferred to end her life in such an eventuality,” it says in the request explaining that the woman had often complained about her quality of life in the center. .